Core Values
  • People Matter

  • Developing Others –  Our goal as leaders is not just to exercise our gifts but our goal as leaders is to develop the gifts of others.

  • Everything – must center on the person, work, and absolute Lordship of Jesus Christ.

  • The Holy Spirit – is our helper & our friend.   He is the one who leads and empowers us .
Discipleship Path Modules 
  • Leadership Module - Imparting the Vision
  Disciples not Converts  (10 lessons)

  • Outreach Module - Winning others to Christ
   Casting the Nets - Who do you say that I am?
   (6 lessons)

  • Discipleship  Module - Making them disciples

Level 1: Discipling Basics  (16 lessons)
Level 2: Discipling to Maturity  (16 lessons)
Level 3: Teaching to Disciple  (16 lessons)

Changing Nations by changing lives
Precept upon precept
Line upon line
It will take one year to complete the Discipleship Path Modules
a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
Winter Term

Holy Spirit Part I meets every Tuesday 6:30p.m.  - 8:30p.m.

Registration & Syllabus / Schedule

Mail application and fees to:
A Great Door Ministries
PO Box 941
Prospect Heights, IL  60090
or email registration to [email protected]
or call Nancy (224) 456-6189 to register.

Where: 251 Milwaukee Ave, Suite 126
Buffalo Grove, IL  60089

  • Day of Discovery Seminar - discovering your spiritual gifts

  • Living Your Strengths - (6 lessons)

  • Multiplication Module - Now You go
  Disciples making Disciples  (27 lessons)