While conversion involves a way of believing, being a disciple involves a way of living as a result of those beliefs.

The word 'disciple' comes from a Latin root, meaning quite simply, 'pupil'.

In Jesus' time being a disciple would be the same type of relationship that we would call a mentoring or an apprenticing type relationship.  Jesus' disciples ate,  slept, prayed, and ministered with him day in and day out.

Sadly, in our contemporary society we have minimized being a Christian to an event.  We may attend an hour meeting once or twice a week. 

Is it any wonder then why most believers are frustrated in their relationships to the Lord and why they see so little results from their prayers?

True Biblical discipleship involves "bringing people alongside our lives" to model and to teach.


This is the responsibility that Jesus left his followers with when he said in Matthew 28:19, "You go now, make disciples . . . teaching them all things whatsoever I have commanded (or taught) you. "

Mentoring / Discipling
Teaching what Jesus taught
Changing Nations by changing lives
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  • Day of Discovery Seminar - discovering your spiritual gifts

  • Living Your Strengths - (6 lessons)

  • Multiplication Module  - Now You go
  Disciples making Disciples  (27 lessons)

Discipleship Path Modules  
  • Leadership Module - Imparting the Vision
  Disciples not Converts  (10 lessons)

  • Outreach Module - Winning others to Christ
   Casting the Nets - Who do you say that I am?
   (6 lessons)

  • Discipleship  Module - Making them disciples

Level 1: Discipling Basics  (16 lessons)
Level 2: Discipling to Maturity  (16 lessons)
Level 3: Teaching to Disciple  (16 lessons)

It will take one year to complete the Discipleship Path Modules