Changing Nations by changing lives

To go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit: Teaching them to observe all things that our Lord Jesus Christ has commanded us knowing that he is with us even unto the end of the world.   (Matthew 28:19-20)


We will make disciples by establishingdeveloping, & networking small Bible Fellowships in strategic locations throughout local communities as the Holy Spirit leads.

Following an intentionalsystematic discipleship path modeled in an environment of God's unconditional love, we will develop and bring each member's relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ to maturity, thus enabling them to find and function in their rightful place in the body of Christ. 

Jesus is Lord
The Process - Our goal is to win the lost to Jesus Christ, to love and to mentor them, to make them disciples, and to bring them to a level of  maturity in their relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ, so that they are then able to go out and impact their world by winning others to Christ and making them disciples  as well;  Disciples making disciples.  

On our Discipleship page you will see the actual path that we follow in the disciple making process.   

It's Working - We have seen it work!  As  individuals progress through the discipleship lessons together within the framework of loving, fun, committed small groups, lives are changed.  People are transformed as the truth of the reality of what Jesus has done for them and who they are in Christ begins to take root.  Bondages are broken, captives are set free, bodies are healed and  hearts are made whole. 

People experience restoration in their relationship to God, to themselves, to their families, and to their communities.   

Whole nations are being changed - one life at a time.
What we do - While converts can be made by someone preaching to several hundred people at a time from a pulpit on Sunday morning, disciples can not.  That's why we go out and meet together weekly, in small groups (8-12 people) through out local communities, to systematically work through the discipleship lessons with others.  

We believe we are following  Jesus' example by going out into the community and involving ourselves in the lives of people right where they live.   

If making disciples is about anything it is about relationship.  There is something about being a part of a small group that greatly enhances a persons ability to build meaningful relationships.  In the Bible we see Jesus ministering to the masses yet when it was time to train those who would carry on the work of his ministry he choose a small group of twelve.

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